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Support Custom neon sign with your name and logo

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Custom Neon Sign

Customize your own neon signs 


  • 1.Choose your sign size. Design your signs by choosing the template that you want. We offer you 1, 2 or 3 line sign models. The maximum size is 48 inches and it is sent to you via air mail.
  • We offer several standard sizes shown below that can shipped on UPS Ground. We can make any size neon sign just specify the exact size you require.

    4" by 17" -  1line holds up to 9 letters
    7" by 20" - 1 line holds up to 12 letters.
    7" by 30" - 1 line holds 8 to 24 letters.
    7" by 44" - 1 line holds 13 to 35 letters.
    13" by 48 " -1 line holds 8-40 Letters
    12" by 24" - 1 or 2 lines with up to 12 letters per line.
    13" by 30" - 1 to 3 lines with up to 20 letters per line.
    18" by 32" - 1 to 4 lines with up to 20 letters per line.
    18" by 44" - 1 to 3 lines with up to 30 letters per line.
    20" square - 1 to 4 lines with up to 8 letters per line.
    24" square - typically used for a custom logo.
    28" square - typically used for a custom logo.
    32" square - typically used for a custom logo.
    40" x 30" -typically used for a custom logo.
    30" x 26" -typically used for a custom logo.
    24" x 20" -typically used for a custom logo.
    20" x 17" -typically used for a custom logo.
    17" x14" -typically used for a custom logo
  • 2.Send us the logo you have selected to our email sales@neonsignsusainc.com
  • 3.Choose the colors of your sign. You can choose from up to 12 different colors and create your perfect neon sign. Our team of experts can also assist you in the process of choosing.

  • 4. Choose your font style. The font style gives a  life to a neon sign. Choose what works for you best and let us know.

  • 5. Improve your design.Our team of experts will review your plans and you will receive a feedback with any alterations within one working day. We will assist you until you are satisfied and we will provide help until you decide what works best for you.

  • 6.Production and payment.

The satisfaction with the design will result with us receiving an invoice through PayPal. After the payment, our team will get to work right away, and it usually takes 8 to 10 working days for the task to be completed.

7.Shipment and warranty.

All purchased items have a one year warranty. We guarantee delivery to your products and a full refund if you do not receive it in the condition that you paid for. For further information, go through our terms and conditions. 

Notice:Customization of any registered trademark or copyright is not accepted